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Illinois Soils Web Tool (Beta) - Region #6

Farmers, farm managers, investors, rural appraisers, assessors, economists, researchers and others can use this interactive tool to explore rural land in the State of Illinois organized by Common Land Units (CLUs).


About the Illinois Soils Web Tool (Beta)

Soil data, in 30 meter by 30 meter pixels, have been aggregated to land units. This allows a weighted soil productivity index to be calculated for each land unit based on the amount of each soil type within that unit. Users can select individual or multiple parcels within a township and view a summary across the selected units. The number of acres of each of the top 10 soil types across the selected area, as well as a weighted soil productivity index, are displayed. This capability is based on the FarmPlace product under development by Ploughman Analytics.

Supplemental Information

About Common Land Units
About Soil Types and the Cropland Productivity Index

Conditions of Use

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Data Sources

USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service
USDA Farm Service Agency
Ploughman Analytics


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