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Tools and Data

The TIAA-CREF Center for Farmland Research provides several data analysis tools and decision aids, developed in the Center and in the Department of Agricultural and Consumer Economics.  Farmland related tools and data are provided to assist in understanding and analyzing issues related to farmland investments.

Interactive Webtools

The Illinois Soils Webtool allows users to explore weighted soil productivity indexes for farm parcels across Illinois. This capability is based on the FarmPlace product under development by Ploughman Analytics. Click a region below to launch the webtool for that area.

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Downloadable Tools and Data

US Ag Sector Balance Sheet data through time with Lender Shares {Excel spreadsheet}

Based on USDA data, the composition of the US Ag Sector balance sheet is provided along with formatted graphs to show important financial ratios and lender shares through time.

Land Purchase Evaluation Tool (FAST) {Excel spreadsheet}

A comprehensive tool to evaluate returns characteristics associated with the purchase of real assets.  Financial structure terms, transactions costs, and holding period differences are reflected along with a budgeting tool to assess the sensitivity to important conditions of the purchase are involved.

Returns to alternative Investments by holding interval {Excel spreadsheet}

This utility allows a novel view of returns across all possible combinations of purchase and sales dates for farmland in more than 30 states, as well as a collection of important alternative investment classes.  A set of technical features related to risk and convergence in the volatility through time is provided as well.

Farmland Correlation with other assets by holding interval {Excel spreadsheet}

This utility allows a user to consider the impact of holding period definitions on the relationship between farmland returns and major alternative asset classes as well as to inflation.

Land Value indexing utility {Excel spreadsheet}

The Land Value Indexing utility allows a user to establish basis analogs at any point in time given a specific sales date and value.  It is used in certain tax and estate situations to identify historic basis in property as well.

State Level Values and Returns to Agricultural Investments through time{Excel spreadsheet}

USDA data on values and returns (rental less property tax) provide a means to compare investments by state and through time, while identifying the individual components of return.   Graphical presentations are provided at the state level from 1972 to 2014.

Illinois Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers Representative Parcel Transfer Information{Excel spreadsheet}

This utility provides a powerful comparison of land market transactions through time by region of Illinois.  Property characheristics can be used to sort the type of property and track actual sales data through time.